Underwater Hunter


Underwater hunter – a man who competes with the native inhabitants of the underwater world in order to find prey. A Freediver on a hunting trail, turns into an underwater predator – calm, cautious, cunning. Enjoy the thrill of the hunt, find trophies, coupled with the opportunity to immerse yourself in absolute silence and escape from the daily hustle and bustle – this is only a part of the opportunities offered for underwater hunters.

Underwater hunter NDL – a man who can engage in his favorite hobby anywhere in the world . Oceans and seas, rivers and lakes of the planet.

We invite you to the course «UNDERWATER HUNTER NDL» – we will teach you to freedive, become an underwater predator, and join the scuba community on equal footing!

Each underwater hunter NDL will gain the knowledge and skills that will ensure their leisure, excitement and adventure in every corner of the planet!

Cost: $0/person.

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