The instructor course can be taken by NDL Assistant Instructors, NDL divemasters, as well as divemasters or instructors of other internationally recognized certifying organizations. The candidate must be at least 18 years of age and have 60 logged dives.

ITC is held for 10 days by an Instructor 3 rank. During this time, the candidates need to present a lecture on the philosophy of NDL, the dive industry, especially the marketing of all NDL programs, standards and methods of teaching all NDL courses.

Much time is given to practical exercises, such as:

  • Preparation of academic presentations (lectures and training).
  • Organizing and conducting training in water in all major amateur courses NDL.
  • Peak Performance Buoyancy.

After the ITC, a verification of theoretical knowledge will be conducted. 100 questions in physics, physiology, planning dives using NDL tables, skills and environment.

Cost: $0/person.

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Teach the NDL system

To become an instructor NDL, any candidate must pass a Crossover. This course is conducted by an Instructor Rank 3 for 4 days or more.

The training includes checking of skills, working with the manual, a lecture on the philosophy of NDL, lectures on the use and teaching of NDL tables.

The following tests need to be passed:

  • Written exam on dive theory.
  • Written examination on NDL standards.
  • The exam for the academic presentations (lectures on the theory).
  • In-water skills presentation
  • Buoyancy examination

Candidates who have passed these tests with a total passing score of less than 4, have the right to educate students on the courses Novice Diver NDL and Diver NDL.

Candidates who have passed the exams with a passing total number of points 4 and above have the right to teach students across the spectrum of NDL programs.

Cost: $0/person.

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