Rescue Course


Scuba Diving is an activity which to a certain degree, can jeopardize life and health. The Rescue Diver course will help you learn how to assist divers in trouble. This will give you the opportunity to take responsibility for the life and health of your friends and relatives.

The Course NDL Rescue Diver allows you to get skills in first aid, correct behavior in emergency situations, prevention of accidents on the water and under water. To enroll in the program of the course anyone who has received a certificate NDL DIVER or equivalent is elegible.

The aim of the course RESCUE DIVER NDL is:

  • Increasing student knowledge in the field of diving;
  • Acquiring rescue skills and first aid on water and on land;
  • Increase safety and comfort of the scuba diver;
  • Getting the skills and knowledge on how to anticipate and prevent potential problems in diving;
  • Preparation of divers to manage real emergencies;

The qualification RESCUE DIVER NDL allows you to:

  • assist injured divers on the surface and under water;
  • Be ready to manage a real emergency;
  • Anticipate and prevent problems in diving;
  • improve your skills on the course diver DIVELEADER NDL and DIVEMASTER NDL (provided through courses NDL UNIVERSAL DIVER, NDL PROFFESSIONAL BUOAYNCY DIVER and MFA).

The course consists of theoretical and practical parts.

The theoretical part contains information about the rules of first aid in case of accidents in diving, the peculiarities of possible emergencies in the water and the peculiarities of urgent measures for first aid in the water.

The practical part contains a set of exercises in confined water, the skills needed to rescue yourself and fellow divers under water and on land.

  • For children from 10-14 years, there is the program NDL Junior Rescue Diver.
Cost: $0/person.

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The Course MFA and CPR (first aid) allows anyone to obtain information on the laws of and to acquire skills in first aid.

The course MFA and CPR consists of theoretical and practical training for the development of skills matching the qualification:

  • The legal framework for giving medical first aid in emergency situations.
  • Basic principles and practical development of cardiopulmonary resuscitation.
  • Study the different manifestations of emergency conditions and develop an action plan in emergency situations.
  • The international system of signs used in emergency situations.
  • Exam.

Upon successful completion of the course, students receive a certificate Medic first aid and cardio-pulmonary resuscitation I (student) or Level II.

Cost: $0/person.

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