For the experienced diver

NDL UNIVERSAL DIVER - Advance Open Water Diver

If you are already a certified diver and want to develop your diving skills, dive deeper, navigate independently under water, improve your buoyancy and master night dives, welcome to the Universal Diver course.

The UNIVERSAL DIVER NDL course gives you the opportunity to increase the depth of your own dives, appreciate the beauty and charm of diving at night and learn the basics of underwater navigation. The course UNIVERSAL DIVER NDL requires a DIVER NDL certification or equivalent.

The course UNIVERSAL DIVER NDL includes three theoretical lessons and practical exercises with dives in the open water.

Scuba diving at night with light.

Dive to a depth of 18-30 meters.

Underwater navigation using natural landmarks and use of the compass.

After successfully completing the course divers receive a certificate UNIVERSAL DIVER NDL, which allows you to dive to depths of up to 30 meters with a partner.

* For children from 10 to 14 years we recommend the training program JUNIOR UNIVERSAL DIVER NDL (limited depth to 22 meters, after reaching the age of 15 it can be replaced with a certificate for UNIVERSAL DIVER NDL)

For the most complete understanding of the specialized dives you can continue training with the course ADVANCED UNIVERSAL DIVER NDL separately, or in one of the specialization courses that most interest you.

Cost: $0/person.

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Extensive training in 3 NDL specialties (diving, night diving and underwater navigation).

The qualification ADVANCED UNIVERSAL DIVER NDL allows you to:

  • Effectively navigate under water when diving
  • Improve the safety and comfort of night dives
  • Improve the safety and comfort of the diver in deep dives
  • The maximum recommended depth is 40 m.
Cost: $0/person.

Book your tour in advance.
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